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Impact Your Community

On Friday, June 14, the Nevis Academy school celebrated Nevis Academy Day under the theme "Impact Your Community". Yes, we focused on community service. We closed the school for the morning sessions and went into the community to do good. The school went into the community of Charlestown and its nearby environs and helped to clean up the environment, distributed gifts to members of the community and put a smile on people's face.

The school was divided into 4 sections. Kindergarten to Grade 2 visited the Flamboyant Nursing Home with a mini program for the residents there. They sang their heart out as they presented popular religious choruses during the devotional segment. Arko (Grade 1) was the chairperson, Zuri Wade offered prayer for everyone, Dwijae Morton read about love in the love Chapter (1 Corinthians 13) and ChajNe Caines-Powell presented the 3 boxes of items filled with personal care items that we brought for the residents. In the second segment, the children sang nursery rhymes. The most touching moment was when the students sang the chorus, "Love is a thing that you give it away" as they mingled, shook hands and hugged the residents. The children will never forget the experiences they were able to witness - the hugs and the smiles they got from the recipients

Grade 3 gave away 20 gas coupons from Delta Petroleum and Reliable Motors. Motorists were pleasantly surprised and shocked when they realized that they were going to get a $20 top up of gas. One senior person remarked that he only could afford $25 worth of gas and didn't know where the he would get money for the coming week after using all that he had. He was overjoyed that he got an additional $20 of gas - compliments Delta.

Grade 4 gave away 25 gift bags containing personal care items for mothers, fathers and babies. They covered the area of ValuMart. The joy on the faces, the kind words and warm hugs from the recipients of these gifts were the biggest rewards these children experienced.

Grades 5 - 6 did an excellent job of cleaning up the trash from the Old Artisan Village down by the old cinema and then they gave away an additional 30 plus gift bags in Charlestown.

At the end of the day, 65 gift baskets were given away - personal care gift bags, baby gift bags, Father's Day gift bags, and 3 boxes of personal care items for Flamboyant Home. Nevis Academy is happy to have brought smiles to a number of persons.

Our success was as a result of team work. We want to thank the following sponsors for supporting the idea and assisting us in getting the goods for our love project:

Parents of Nevis Academy


Horsfords Nevis Center

Best Buy

Myrtle's Healthy Beginning


Carl Claxton and Reliable Motors

Curtis Holis Liburd

Mrs. Sheila Daniel

Delta Petroleum

Judy Harley-Bazil/Hilton Hotel- Baltimore

The Media

Curtis Morton and Crew

Von Radio

2020 Vision

Nevis Pages

The Impact your Community project will be done again. Stay tuned.

Andrea A. Bussue, PhD Principal

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